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Optimize Space and Functionality

Elevate your Charlottesville property with high lift garage doors, designed to maximize space and enhance functionality. Lion Garage Door offers high-quality high lift door solutions that provide increased clearance, allowing for more storage, better vehicle accommodation, and improved accessibility. Our tailored high lift garage doors are crafted to meet the unique needs of Charlottesville homes, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

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Why Choose High Lift Garage Door Solutions?

Unlock the full potential of your garage with Lion Garage Door’s High Lift Garage Door Solutions. Typical garage doors may open at a standard height, but with ceilings reaching 12-15 feet, there’s untapped space waiting to be utilized. Our high lift garage door conversion is the key to transforming your garage into a versatile, functional space.

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Why Opt for High Lift Garage Door Solutions?

Reasons to Choose High Lift Garage Door Solutions

Discover the transformative benefits of Lion Garage Door’s High Lift Garage Door Solutions and elevate your garage experience to new heights. Here are compelling reasons why choosing our high lift solutions is a game-changer for maximizing space and functionality in your garage.

Maximize Vertical Space

Standard garage doors limit your usable space, but our high lift solutions raise the door’s arch to a higher level, creating more overhead clearance. This opens up possibilities for additional storage, car lifts, or even a workshop.

Efficient Use of Existing Space

Lion Garage Door’s conversion process utilizes your existing garage door, making it a cost-effective solution. We add new tracks, springs, drums, and cables, ensuring that your garage door opens at a higher level closer to the ceiling, optimizing your space without the need for a new door.

Side-Mounted LiftMaster Opener

Our innovative side-mounted LiftMaster garage door opener ensures smooth operations while keeping the mechanics off the ceiling and onto the wall. This not only enhances safety but also frees up valuable space within your garage.

Create Dual Parking Space

In residential settings, the primary purpose of high lift garage doors is to accommodate a car lift, allowing one car to be raised high enough to park another underneath. This ingenious solution maximizes parking capacity, making it perfect for car enthusiasts or those with limited driveway space.

Tailored Solutions for Your Garage

Lion Garage Door offers customization options based on your ceiling height. If you have more than 54 inches of high lift potential, explore the option to convert to commercial hardware for your high lift kit. For those with ceilings at least twice their door height, receive a quote for a vertical lift conversion kit.

Professional Installation for Safety

While the benefits are vast, the installation process requires precision and experience. High lift kits should only be installed by experienced do-it-yourselfers to ensure safety and effectiveness. Trust Lion Garage Door for a thorough and secure installation process.

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A Glimpse into Garage Transformation

Transform Your Garage: Before and After

Witness the Difference – Before and After!

At Lion Garage Door, we provide a wide array of comprehensive repair services to address various garage door issues. Our offerings include but are not limited to spring repairs, panel replacements, opener fixes, sensor adjustments, track alignment, and routine maintenance checks. Each service is performed by our expert technicians, ensuring thorough assessment and efficient solutions tailored to your door’s specific requirements.

Witness the Difference

Before the transformation

Before the transformation, your garage may have been a typical space with limited potential. Standard garage doors, opening at a conventional height, might have confined your vehicles to a cluttered driveway, leaving valuable vertical space untapped.

Witness the Difference

After the transformation

Now, envision the possibilities with a high-lift garage door. Witness the dramatic change as high-lift tracks effortlessly clear your cars from the driveway, creating a cleaner and more organized outdoor space. The additional ceiling space becomes a canvas for creativity, allowing for the installation of a large car lift, instantly turning your garage into a versatile car shop.

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Elevate Your Home Garage

Tailored High-Lift Solutions for Your Residence

Elevate Your Home – High-Lift Garage Doors Await!

Elevate your home garage with Lion Garage Door’s high-lift solutions, unlocking functional space and style. Clearing vehicles seamlessly, these tracks create an organized outdoor haven for versatile living.

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Elevate Your Business Space

High-Lift Solutions for Commercial Efficiency

High-Lift Garage Doors for Commercial Success!

Enhance commercial efficiency with Lion Garage Door’s tailored high-lift solutions. Seamless operation, ample ceiling space, and customized storage options optimize logistics and accommodate larger vehicles.

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Elevate Your Garage Experience

Deciding on a High-Lift Garage Door in Charlottesville, VA

Elevate Your Space with High-Lift Doors!

Deciding if a high-lift garage door is best for you can be challenging, but consider the benefits! For example, installing high-lift tracks will clear your cars from the driveway. The additional ceiling space also allows you to add a large car lift, allowing you to create your own car shop! High-lift tracks are also great for RV storage to keep that valuable vehicle out of the elements when you’re not traveling.
Best of all, a high-lift garage door will not only free space in your driveway, but it’s also simple to use. With high-lift tracks installed with your car lift, you simply drive your car into the platform and lift the car into the air. This means you can be ready to utilize the extra headroom in your garage at any time. Call us today so we can give you the high-lift door of your dreams!

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Why Choose Us for Your High Lift Door Needs

"Quality High Lift Garage Door Conversion"

When it comes to high lift doors in Charlottesville, choosing Lion Garage Door is choosing a partner dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Our commitment to unparalleled expertise and unmatched excellence sets us apart in the industry.


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Discover why our clients trust Lion Garage Door for durable, customizable, and reliable high lift door solutions. Elevate your garage experience with our expert craftsmanship and tailored designs. Your satisfaction is not just our goal—it’s our commitment to ensuring your garage stands as a testament to quality and innovation in Charlottesville!
Lion Garage Door turned our garage into a statement of modern luxury. The high lift door service they provided was impeccable. The team’s attention to detail and commitment to quality truly set them apart. Our garage is not just functional; it’s now an elegant extension of our home. Highly recommend their unrivaled services.

Jeffrey Terry.


The Lion Garage Door team transformed our garage with their high lift door service. From the initial consultation to the final installation, their expertise and customer-centric approach were evident. The result is a garage door that not only operates flawlessly but also adds a touch of modern elegance to our property. Choosing Lion Garage Door was the best decision for elevating our garage in Charlottesville.

James Smith


We chose Lion Garage Door for their reputation, and they exceeded our expectations. The high lift door installation was seamless, and the team’s professionalism was evident throughout the process. Our garage now has a new level of efficiency and sophistication. Lion Garage Door is the go-to choice for anyone seeking top-notch quality in Charlottesville.

Davis Hill


Questions / Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the High Lift Garage Door.
A custom high lift from Lion Garage Door typically costs $350 – $500. This does not include an operator; with an operator the cost is $900 – $1100. In addition to the kit cost, expect shipping costs of $50 – $150. Sometimes the shipping cost may be more if the kit is pre-assembled or includes extra hardware.
Our custom high lift program designs each high lift assembly with the shaft mounted four inches away from the ceiling and jamb. This is to allow sufficient space for the standard high lift cable drum which has an outer diameter of almost 6″. This will place your horizontal tracks 7.75″ – 8.75″ away from the ceiling. On assemblies with more than 54″ of high lift, the horizontal tracks will be closer to 10″ away from the ceiling because they require even larger drums. In reality, the tracks can usually extend another inch or two without any problem.
When the door is in the open position on a standard lift setup, almost 100% of the door weight is sitting in the horizontal tracks. This allows the springs to be almost fully unwound. There is about ½ turn on the springs just to hold tension on the cables. Once a high lift kit is installed, and the tracks are modified, the door will be still only open to just past the opening. Instead of sitting fully horizontal, a portion of the door will be held in a vertical position. Therefore, a percentage of the door weight still needs to be held by the springs. The new larger springs, requiring additional turns, hold this extra weight. Depending on the amount of high lift installed, it could be as much as 2-4 extra full turns. This is also a reason that the previous springs cannot be reused
A common point of confusion for high lift customers is the fact that the track they are adding to the vertical (track extension) does not seem to reach the ceiling. In reality, there are two dimensions, the length of the track extension, and the inches of high lift. The “inches of high lift” (see photo above) is the distance between the top of the closed door and the centerline of the horizontal track, as a flat plane. Therefore, even standard lift systems technically have a few “inches of high lift.” The vertical track extension just adds to this dimension, placing the tracks as close as possible to the ceiling. The track extension simply adds to the inches of high lift; it is not equal to it.
The appropriate answer is, “Which one do you need?” While high lift doors rise a given distance vertically before entering the horizontal tracks, vertical lift doors rise vertically for their entire travel. These doors do not require horizontal tracks because they rest above the door opening and “parallel” to the jamb. A vertical lift is typically the better option when there is sufficient ceiling height within the garage. The minimum ceiling height for a vertical lift is double the door height, i.e. 14′ ceiling for a 7′ tall door, etc. If the space is available, a vertical lift is a good long-term option to allow maximum space for lighting, workshop equipment, or storage.

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